Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Where Have We Been?

Hey everyone! It's Trisha. If you've been visiting our blog, thank you, you loyal soul, you. If you haven't, welcome! This post is a peek at why we have been so M.I.A. for the past months.

First, we want to apologize. We took on this blog as a creative outlet and had every intention and goal of making this a priority and posting regularly. However, we are firm believers in giving something 100%. Life happened and I couldn't commit the time it takes to create post-worthy content. I actually stopped cooking for a while because things were so hectic. While I could make a list of 101 reasons why we've been absent, I will keep it short to 3.  :)

WARNING: This is going to be a long, heartfelt post filled with many photos. I can't help myself. Bear with me; I will talk food the next time we chat.

1. First....We. Bought. A. House! This was something we had been working towards for what felt like an eternity. Now that we finally have a house, we have learned just how much work home ownership is! It's a blast. It's expensive. It's time-consuming. But, it's wonderful! I have to say, I LOVE my new kitchen.

P.S. we did not take these photos. These are from the realtor. Add taking better photos of our house (especially now that it is decorated in our style) to my list of to-dos. Along with painting the exterior of said house. < I'm not looking forward to that one...

2. We adopted this little girl! No, it's not a human, but she's our fur-child. I love her to pieces. She's our little rescue pibble. Meet Charley.

Her bed is her "safe place." Often when we can't find her she's quietly curled up, resting in her comfy spot.

Oh, boy. I could dedicate an entire blog to what we've been through since adopting Charley in July. I will try to keep it brief, I just hope that you understand how difficult it is to put things in this short(er) version, which as I'm re-reading is likely not so short to you.

First, she got sick. The vet wasn't sure she'd pull through. Vet bills poured in, sleep was lost, but in the end, she got better and that's all that matters. So you understand how serious things were, here is a photo of her from the first week we adopted her. Looking at this picture makes my eyes tear up. She was so incredibly skinny and felt so miserable you can just see it on her face. 

She's a pittie. We love her for it, but we were pretty clueless about this breed. Almost everything you hear is true about pitbulls. They are high-energy, hard headed, they play rough and love deeply. They are NOT naturally aggressive. Are they strong? Yes I have no doubt that Charley would be protective if she needed to be, but she is absolutely the most social dog I've ever met. She loves ever person she passes on the street, in fact she thinks she needs to be friends with everyone, and furthermore she loves every dog she's encountered. We send her to daycare twice a week so she can get socialization and burn off some of that energy. 

I have one last tidbit before I get off my "adoption pedestal." If you find yourself considering adoption, please do your research first. After everything we went through with Charley we understood why so many pitbulls are returned and left in shelters. It wasn't easy training her, but we weren't giving up on her either. It wasn't an option. She's doing light-years better now and we know how to mange her when she does get wound up. We are now what you would call "amateur pitbull activists," but I would hate for anyone to adopt one if they aren't willing to put in the work like we did. Always ADOPT, don't shop. You're saving a life. Just look at the happiness on her face. 

P.S. More Charley pics can be found on my Insta & at the bottom of this post! :) I couldn't help myself.
3. This last reason is going to sound a tad pathetic, but let me explain, I started a new/old job. My career has been in marketing for a beauty retailer since I graduated college, and in January of 2014 I left what was my dream job due to, well, quite frankly, me. I was newly married, commuting 2 hours a day, working late often and not managing my stress very well. Ok, I will be real, I wasn't managing my stress at all. My relationship with Dave was suffering for it. I was making myself miserable. So I quit.

Upon quitting I had no job lined up, I just felt like it was what I needed to do. After working for a different job in Lawrence I had to face another round of weighing pros and cons. It was at this job that I started this blog. One big perk of the job was I had so much down time that I actually did most of my photo editing and posting while at the office. I had a 10 minute commute, took lunch every day with my husband, left at exactly 5 (unless I skipped lunch, in which case I left at 4), and I was miserable. A different kind of miserable.

I despised my job. I wasn't doing what they said I would be doing, my skills were not being used, I wasn't being challenged and I hated the "mission" that was behind the company, a mission they so smartly curtained. So, I quit, again. This time I had been able to line up a great opportunity with my former employer.

Before I knew it was back into the world I loved, but this time with a different appreciation. I was able to work things out so that I had more time at home, thus I kept my sanity. I won't say that it's not crazy, stressful and exhausting at times, but after missing the craziness for so long, I love it. I know now how to better balance my stress. That meant that blogging had to take the backseat for a while...

Despite all these changes, we want to keep blogging. I get enjoyment out of this. Dave is a big supporter of me doing whatever makes me happy, and he contributes to this blog by proofreading posts, testing recipes and being my second set of hands in the kitchen. It may not be often, but we will work on getting some new recipes up. There is definitely some deliciousness to come.

I hope that you enjoy the new things we post! Thank you for reading this novel of a post.

- Trisha -

More Charley!

My serious girl. She despises pictures. How do dogs know to refuse you when you just want them to sit still and look cute. All our attempts end with this serious face. I'll forgive her because she's still cute.

Car rides are another fave. We can't go in the garage unless it's to leave. She isn't one of those hang her head out of the window dogs. It's surprising. I think I might have to show her how to do it. If I do, I will make sure there are pictures.

Eeeeee! This photo makes me squeal. In an effort to burn off more energy on jogs & walks we purchased a doggie backpack. We add light weight to it so she has to do more "work" while we are out. This day we were loaded up and taking her on her first camping trip. She's just the cutest.

Did I mention she hates picture-time? Yes, this is another failed attempt to get a "good one." Thanks, Charley. Thanks a lot.

Not looking at the camera, but I'll take it! She's a BIG Momma's-girl. Poor Dad.  :P

Always looking away. Family photos are never in our future. Oh well.

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