Friday, November 21, 2014

Fancy Friday: Vol. 1

Friday Friday will feature a list of things that have recently caught my fancy. I hope you enjoy vol. 1. 

Honestly, I've been feeling very inspired this week, and I wanted to share that inspiration with you. I compiled a list of things that have caught my fancy here recently. Get it? Fancy Friday.  :)

Friday Fancy Volume One

From food to pens, wanderlust to random videos, I hope you get some inspiration from this very list.

Fancy Friday: Volume 1

  • Sharpie Pens - Who else puts office supplies on their Christmas lists?
  • Stuffing in a freaking bundt pan - Who'da thunk?
  • M&M Cookies - Can't. Kick. The. Craving. This recipe from Picky Palate is good. 
  • Copper Cookware - GOREGEOUS! I want it all. Here is a reasonably priced set.
  • This pie dish - First saw it on Sally's Baking Addiction. Love the pretty edges.
  • Plaid scarves - How stunning is this one at Nordstrom Rack? I saw it on La Petite Fashionista (fashion blog you should check out). 
  • Cape coats - So chic and vintage. I recommend this cape from Nasty Gal. It won't keep you warm in the snow, but you will look adorable. That's all that matters, right? My high heels say "yes." 
  • Goat cheese - Creamy, rich and delicious. I really want to try this penne, butternut squash and goat cheese recipe
  • Pitch. Freaking. Perfect - Ahhhh! Can't wait for this movie. Did anyone else recognize Flula in the trailer? If you don't know who that is, you HAVE to watch this hilarious video.
  • Munich & Prague - Dave and I are adventuring there in December 2015 for their Christmas markets. I might burst from excitement, that or the dangerous cocktail that happens when you mix my excitement with my impatience. 
  • Other movies I'm excited to see, from Disney, Into the Woods and Cinderella. Heck ya!
  • Cake. Batter. Cookies - Trust me, just make them. Sally (Sally's Baking Addiction) can rock a cookie. 
  • All things pumpkin - I know, you're probably thinking "still?" But, it's fall. I love baking with cinnamon and pumpkin. I can't get enough. Have you tried my Cinnamon Chip Pumpkin Cookies
  • Damn Delicious - I know I have said it before, but this girl is awesome. I'd pinned some of her recipes before, but seriously, her photography is incredible and her recipes are easy and unique. 
  • The Skinnytaste Cookbook - Christmas present? Yes, please! 
  • Funny cat videos - When you have a bad day, just give these a watch. 
  • The Originals on the CW - A guilty pleasure. I never miss an episode. Bring back Rebekah!
  • White kitchens - This white kitchen's backsplash is stunning. 
  • AND lastly, Kathryn Elise Studio - A friend recently launched her website and it is just gorgeous. It made me feel very inspired. 

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